3 on 3 Elmhurst for Hydrocephalus Charity

3 on 3  Elmhurst is a charity for Hydrocephalus. It is a basketball tournament, played by students (Grade schools to High school students) and adults. This charity was started by it’s founder Rick, his wife Trish Williams, an Elmhurst resident of 17 years, devoted wife, and mother of four wonderful children began showing symptoms of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) in July of 2013. She was officially diagnosed with NPH and received a shunt in August of 2013.
During her recovery, Rick held multiple charity events to pay for her hospital bills.
Trish is now healthy and has recovered beautifully.  3 on 3 Elmhurst was one of the biggest events; that they kept going to help other patients out with Hydrocephalus.  Every March they successfully raise money for this cause, helping other people getting the care they need to get better.

For more Information or to donate.  If your interested in getting a team together here is the website for more information:

http://www.3on3elmhurst.org for more information.

Photos I took at Last years 3 on 3 Tournament March 2017.  Everyone had a good time.  The energy in the air kept all the teams hyped up!


3 on 3  Elmhurst is a charity for Hydrocephalus March 2016
More courtesy I took photos at this tournament .

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